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Motorcycle Licence

Scooter Licence​

Motorbike Licence, testing & training Darwin

At Motorbike Licence Darwin, we have lessons for both geared and automatic bikes.

We have courses 7 days a week with evening, weekday & weekend  course options!

How to get your motorcycle licence

Start here.

No Experience

If you have never ridden a bike before, it’s best you start with our Learner Permit Course (a 6-hour course) where we teach you the fundamentals of riding safely on our roads. Once passed, you will achieve your

Learner Licence.

Some experience

For more experienced riders without a licence (you must hold at least a P-Plate car licence), you can go straight to the Learner Licence Balance and Stability Test (M.O.S.T). This is a 15-minute motorcycle training skills test, which when passed gives you your

Learner Licence.

Already got your Learner Licence?
Book your provisional Licence lessons to finalise your dream. 

Any Questions?

Call and talk to us, we love to chat all things motorcycle. 

This is us:

Ride Safe NT

Hi – I’m David Ramage and this is my Motorbike licensing and training School. I have been riding bikes all my life and I can’t think of a better way to spend my time than on a bike! 

In my 40 plus years experience of riding motorbikes, I have ridden plenty of hair-raising tracks all over Australia and I love teaching others to achieve their first motorbike licence. Who wouldn’t want to beat the congested traffic and share the freedom of the road? 

All my instructors are highly skilled and you won’t find a friendlier and more knowledgeable bunch of trainers anywhere in the NT – you just can’t beat the Motorbike Licence Darwin, Ride Safe NT team  for affordability and experience.

40 Years 

Bike Experience
on The Road and Track 

The skills and techniques you are taught early in your motorbike riding life are crucial, so learning them from professional motorcycle trainers makes sense! We pride ourselves on coaching you through the required skills to not only pass the competency based motorcycle training courses, but to also keep you safe on the road.


Motorbike riding lessons

book a lesson with us today and you are one step closer

Your motorcycle training

Learner Permit Course
M.O.S.T Course
Provisional License
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