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Motorbike Riding Lessons

The skills and techniques you are taught early in your riding life are crucial, so learning them from professional motorcycle trainers makes sense! We pride ourselves on coaching you through the required skills to not only pass the competency based courses, but to also keep yourself safe on the road. Riding a motorcycle is one of the best feelings in the world – let us use our experience to coach you with our proven training methods.

Course options

Our experienced staff can help you choose which of the learner permit courses we offer suits you, as well as how to gain extra training if you feel you need it.

6 Hour Learner Permit Course.

Learning to ride a motorcycle properly on the public road is a complex thing. Small detail changes to how you think, how

you operate the bike and even where you put yourself on the road can make huge differences to the enjoyment of your riding, as well as your vulnerability.

Motorbike Licence Darwin prides itself in the quality of its instructors and training methods. Knowing what to say to a new rider to help them progress their riding isn’t something you learn without experience, a commitment to doing it right and a solid work ethic. Our Instructors are trained properly, we have all the formal qualifications required and then some to get you up and riding like a Pro in no time. 

The 6 Hour Learner Permit Course is for those that have little or no riding experience and who need professional instruction on the fundamentals of riding safely on the road.

 Cost: $440.00 and includes bike and helmet.  Pass = Learner Licence.

Learner Licence: M.O.S.T - Balance and Stability Test

M.O.S.T testing is for previous licence holders or experienced riders that don't hold a licence. This balance and stability test is a 15min test of skills and techniques designed for those who have held a licence in the past or are well experienced riders.

Requirement’s: Must hold P-Plate car licence or higher and have motorbike riding experience.

This test is a RPL test, Test take about 15 min with 7 exercises for you to demonstrate you’re riding ability. 

Cost is $150 which includes bike and helmet.

Min Dress standard of long sleeve shirt and pants and enclosed shoes, rider rides at own risk.

Testing dates are selected days from 8.30am to 3.30pm. Please phone 0416201611 for testing days or book appointment online on this page. .

Pass = Learners licence.

Learners licence Conditions = 660cc LAMS approved bike, L-Plate clearly displayed on rear of bike. No Pillion passengers, 00 BAC, 80km per hour Max speed.

L-Plate license is good for two years, you have to hold L-plate license for a minimum of 6 months before proceeding to the next or the last stage to reach your open licence. 

Provisional Licence Course

Our course moves the rider into a higher realm of riding skills and techniques, with a focus on Roadcraft and skill development on top of the techniques learnt in the learner permit course. Our highly experienced staff do their utmost to prepare the rider for the on road test at the end of the day and the chance to gain their licence.

Cost: $440.00 (Group size is restricted to a max of 4 pax to ensure personal attention and coach to student ratio of 1:4 ) Students are  encouraged to supply the own Motorcycles. Bikes and helmet are included if required. Course time is approx 5 hours depending on experience within group. 

Our rider training courses develop knowledge, skills, attitude and the awareness of motorcycling. At all times the emphasis of our training is on your safety and courses are conducted on a purpose built training area.

During your training, our team will lead you through a series of discussions, demonstrations, riding exercises and assessment activities that explore the systems required to operate a motorcycle safely on the public street. Required learning outcomes and assessment criteria are clearly explained throughout the course.

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