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Night Time Riding Lessons

Learn to drive your motorbike at night

Motorbike Licence Darwin has started Night Time Riding lessons for their customers. These lessons are perfect if you do not have the opportunity to join our lessons during the day, or if you prefer to take lessons during the cooler temperatures of the early evening.

For Day-Time lessons: see our regular Motorbike Lesson Times and Prices...

Night Time Course Schedule

Our evening courses take place every week on Monday and Tuesday evening (Learner Licence) and Wednesday evenings for Provisional Licence.

On Monday evening (Learners Licence Course) we will cover the Theory component and on Tuesday evening you will do the the practical component. We supply the bikes and helmets for this course.  

Both evenings the course will be from 5:00pm to 8:00pm

Wednesday evenings (Provisional Licence)

4pm to 9pm

This course is part theory and part practical. You MUST have held your Learners Licence for 6 months or more to sit this course. This is the final stage towards obtaining your full un-restricted Motorbike Licence. You are encouraged to supply your own bike and gear for this course.

 Bikes are available upon request. 

More Information about Night Time Lessons

For more information you can contact us by email or phone: 0477995960

Also read our blog article about Night Time Motorbike Riding...

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