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Night time riding

One of the most important aspects of learning to ride a motorcycle is night time riding. Riding your bike at night is completely different to riding during the day. Some riders love taking to the open road at night and others hate it, but we all will have to ride at night sometimes.

Two of the problems with riding at night and what you should be prepared for are encountering drunks on the road and potholes! This means that you need to hone your defensive riding skills so that you can avoid these hazards in the dark.

Another problem is when riders only use a tinted visor, which is fine during the day, but can reduce your visibility dramatically at night. The best solution is to use a visor that adapts to the light levels, otherwise you will be in trouble driving in the dark. You can also carry a clear visor and switch them over, but that’s a pain and an adaptive visor is a lot easier.

As we all know in the Northern Territory, twilight riding involves dodging Roos, so defensive driving once again becomes important. This means that you need to build up your skills to anticipate the road ahead, expect the unexpected and be able to adjust your speed and direction safely, taking appropriate evasive manoeuvres to avoid a night-time collision. When you know that there are likely to be animals on the road at night, the only safe course is to keep your eyes open and slow down until you are past the hazardous spots.

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