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Planning your motorcycle trip around Australia

Most Aussies love to trip around Australia towing their camper trailer or caravan. Bike riders however, couldn’t think of anything worse than being cooped up in a 4WD or a caravan. Not when you have the open road ahead of you and all the time in the world to enjoy it on your bike.

Travelling around Australia on your motorbike isn’t for the fainthearted, but if you love discovering our wonderful country and you don’t mind roughing it a bit at night (though you could pull into a motel!), then a road trip on your bike is one of life’s little pleasures.

Tips for your Aussie bike trip

It’s always sensible to plan your route, particularly if you want to travel in the heat of the summer or during the wet season in the Top End. You can plan your entire trip or just a vague route in the general direction you want to head. You can even make it up as you go along, chatting to other road users and taking side trips as the feeling takes you.

Sometimes you want to cover a big distance, just for the fun of being on the road and other times you will want to explore a certain area and discover the local sights. Whatever your route, you need to take the right type of clothing for your trip, something lightweight and breathable is fine. Don’t forget sunblock and as much water as you can carry, as well as your camping gear – swag, tent and some basics for cooking on the road. Bush camping or pulling into free campsites along your route is the best way to see our lovely country and save your money for fuel!

Depending on how long you will be away, at some point you will need to head for a shower and even a laundry for clean clothes. Most paid camp sites have these facilities and the fee for a non-powered site is usually very minimal, so it pays to book in along the way and treat yourself to a shower and clean clothes.

You can also use free WIFI at libraries and McDonalds along the way, which is useful if you need to keep in contact with your family or business. This is also an easy way to keep on top of your spending, because you can access your online banking and your credit card to make sure that you have enough funds to finish your trip in comfort.

If you want to get your motorbike licence in Darwin, call us on 08 8941 2434 or shoot us an email today.

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