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About Motorbike Licence Darwin

David Ramage has over 40 Years Of Experience on The Road and Track 

My love and passion for motorbikes goes back to when I was about 10 years old when I would help my dad with chores on our farm. One day I came across a junk bike at a neighbours farm and took a interest in it. The next thing you know my Dad scored it from my neighbours and gave it to me and said Son, If you want to ride a motorbike, well you will have to learn how to fix one first and promptly handed a how to fix a motorcycle book and a small tool box. 

Many months later I did get that bike running and learnt very quickly why you should have a kill switch and brakes, Chook shed and chooks came of second best with me plowing through the lot hanging on for dear life.

My love of Motorbikes grew from here and I went from motorbike to motorbike, Many classics I wish I had today. 
In my 40 years of riding motorbikes, I have traveled many track's and road's throughout Australia and Asia . My most favorite would have to be riding through the High plains in Victoria. 

My work as a motorbike trainer and instructor started some 6 years ago when I got involved with the MOST licence testing program that was run by the NT Government to gain your Motorbike licence.

I was asked at the time if I was interested in training and instructing and promptly put my hand up. I then went on to deliver the Motorcycle Education Training and Licencing Course week in week out for the NT Government.

This Training program was then offered out to outside providers, I promptly expressed my interest and have been training and instructing from The Scooter Shop as Motorbike licence Darwin ever since. 

Motorcycle coaching

The skills and techniques you are taught early in your riding life are crucial, so learning them from professional motorcycle trainers makes sense!


We pride ourselves on coaching you through the required skills to not only pass the competency based courses, but to also keep you safe on the road.


Riding a motorcycle is one of the best feelings in the world - let us use our experience to coach you with our proven training methods that have been developed over many years instructing and training for the the department of transport delivering Motorcycle courses from basic through to advanced riding.