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Newbie Learner on Road Training.

Newbie Learner on Road Training and Instruction.If you have recently acquired your Motorbike Learner licence, are returning to riding or are fully licenced but lack confidence, this is the course for you. If you are the nervous friend or family member of a new rider, this is the perfect antidote, too!  There is zero pressure on you to ride at any pace other than the one you are comfortable with, but we will work with you on road-focused riding techniques. We will show you how using Roadcraft properly can make your ride infinitely more enjoyable. We will help you develop your braking technique’s and your confidence in using them, show you how to use your vision to reduce your risk and the opportunity to practice it all at a realistic road speed.  These Lessons are available from only $110 . You can book online @ or contact the team on 89412434 for more info. This Lesson is a great step to take prior to sitting your Provisional Licence Course

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